Sunday, January 16, 2011

Are Things Messy in your Home? Try These.

Towels, Towels Everywhere
Right now, we are in military housing here in Germany, and the storage {and living areas in general} are much, much smaller then in the States. This wine rack towel holder is a genious idea. It's practical for someone who very little room but would also serve well for someone who has ample storage and just wants something decorative.

"A wine rack makes a perfect storage place for rolled towels in the bathroom. Not only are the towels easy to reach, but they become instant decoration. So choose towels in multiple colors for a beautiful display."
 Mega Magazine Storage
Another area that I have a huge {and unorganized} pile of is magazines. This next idea is so super cuteee! Now I just need to find a piece of furniture so I can be a copy cat!!!
"Magazines do have a way of piling up and their slick covers can make stacking a challenge. Solve your problem with a shallow-drawer side table that holds your periodicals in style. Divide the drawers with office supply paper trays for magazines or leave them undivided for newspapers and photo albums. Stencil content labels on the drawer fronts in pretty fonts."

Nesting Table Storage
The thing that caught my eye in this next photo was not the nesting tables themselves, but something on the nesting tables. Can you guess what it might be????

I am talking about the little remote caddy on top of the lazy susan. How stinking cute is that!?!?! But I also love the nesting table for storage too. :)                                              Photobucket
"Nesting tables are perfect for squeezing a lot of storage out of minimum space. Pull out the lower table when you need an extra surface for holding drinks or reading material, then tuck it away when you're done. Here, a stylish fabric-covered bin keeps DVDs accessible but contained while a pretty contrasting divided box on the larger table corrals remotes and other necessities on a lazy Susan.'

Bills                                       Photobucket

We all have them. We all hate them. {unless you are debt free, then paying bills would be no biggie}
When I came upon this next idea, I smiled.

{gulp} Did I just say I smiled when I saw a jar that said "Pay up"??
Well.....wouldn't you?? It's just sooooo pretty! I wanna know what bills these folks have that come in pretty colors...

Hint hint bill companies. Make your bills pretty and maybe more people would pay them...
Just sayin. I loveeee the idea however and just may implement this idea myself! { our bills tend to get lost in the shuffle or throw out by accident} Thank goodness for online bill pay! :)
"Keep your bills front and center by storing them in a clear-glass jar that refuses to be ignored."

Art Supplies                                                Photobucket
"Use short mailing tubes or potato-chip cans{aka Pringles!!} to keep paintbrushes, pencils, and other art supplies organized. Cover the mailing tubes with decorative paper to fit your decor. Stack them and attach them to one another with crafts glue or double-sided tape to keep them stable."
I think the chosen pattern to cover these cans is nasty. Just my opinion. Can you imagine some nice floral or damask print covering up those Pringle cans?!!?! {sigh}


Photobucket"Eliminate the need to run through the house looking for batteries ever again. Use a plastic tackle box with multiple sizes of openings to hold your batteries, grouped by size."

We keep our millions of batteries in a ziplock bag in a cabinet in the kitchen. We always know where they are, but it takes some digging to find the exact sizes we need. The tackle box idea is just so much more organized. I mean LOOK At It!! She's stunning. Just perfection. I plan on stealing this idea too!

Corral with Cans
"Use empty cans for wall storage in your home office. They can organize sewing essentials (as shown) or corral writing utensils, scissors, and other small office items. To make this wall storage, clean the cans, then spray-paint them the desired colors. Attach each can to the wall with a single screw through the bottom or with a heavy-duty wall-mounting tape."

First of all I would screw these bad boys to the wall.....we all know how boys can be, so better safe then messy, I say.

I dont know about you guys, but I can totally see these in my a boys room.
Just picture it.....crayons in one, matchbox cars in another. Plastic Army guys in yet another, as well as markers and colored pencils.....Sigh.....I'm in love!



  1. Hey Jen, I just saw this, what great ideas...I love them all!!! takes care of everything from storage space to just great looking room improvement. Love it!! I get bored with things the same old way so I always like new ideas...Pottery Barn one of my favorite places for inspiration...awesome I'll be checking back often.

  2. Oh, fun organizing ideas! Lol at the colored bills. :)