Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bedroom Headboards You can make yourself!

Being the thrifty gal that I am, I am always on the lookout for cheap decorating ideas that I can do myself.
That is why I am so happy I found these beauiful { and easy} do it yourself headboards.

Sit back, scroll down and marvel with me at some of my favorites.

This one is right up my alley. Anyone who knows me {or has been to my house} knows just how much I love having my family photos around. This idea is right up my alley..... I don't know if I would do this in my bedroom or not. Guest room, totally.

I think this idea would be amazing for Hailey's room. It's a stenciled "wrought-iron-headboard". You can make your own easily too. Here is what Better Homes and Garden says to do:
"Find a stencil at a local crafts store or make your own. Cut the stencil from acetate with a crafts knife, affix the stencil to the wall using a spray adhesive or low-tack tape, and apply paint inside the stencil. Use acrylic paint or specially formulated stenciling cream."


This next idea is something I am totally going to do when we get our forever home. All you need to do is:
"hang a bench cushion by its ties from wall-mounted hooks. Top the hooks with a piece of over-door molding, which you can find at a home center.{like Home Depot or Lowe's} To create a tufted look, sew covered buttons to the cushion with ribbon, poking both ends through the bottom of the cushion. Pull the ends tight and tie."
                                                (directions courtsey of

love love LOVE the soothing colors as well.

"Create a headboard with diva attitude by using a shapely metal screen. A solid-color block painted on the wall behind this one and embellished with metallic swirls gives the headboard larger-than-life personality. The effect helps draw the eye upward with space-enhancing results."

I LOVE the lines of the screen and how it is complimented by the golden bronze painted scrolls on the wall.....

This next headboard will be something that I do in our forever home. How simple to do and yet adds such a dramatic punch.
Better Homes and Garden says:
"The handsome paneled headboard is really a wooden door turned on its side. Purchase a new six-panel door without a doorknob hole, or use a vintage door and place it on the wall so the hole is below the top of the mattress."

All you do after that is paint to a color of your liking and add molding to the side of the door that will be above the matress. Ta-da!

When I look at this picture, it screams "put this in your boy's rooms!!!" Couldn't you see little airplanes and books on the shelf? Baseballs and footballs anyone?!?!

I just simply cannot wait until we get our own home and I can do all these wonderful thins to it!!!
Do you all have any other DIY headboard ideas you would like to share? I'd love to see them!

                                      {all photos & ideas from Better Homes and Garden}

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