Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Frame Your Walls!

So I decided that I need to start compiling a place for all of my DIY how to's and decorating inspiration.
I've been seeing a lot of unique ways to use frames for your walls. some of these are just nice ways to display your photos, others, like the one below just use the frames themselves.

I like how circle frames are used to break up all of the boxy-ness ( if that even spelled right?!?!) Also, isn't the way the lamp fits right inside the frame awesome? I think so!

                                        (cannot remember the site...maybe

Now this one happens to be something I am going to do! Isn't it beautiful??? I have a gazillion photos of my kids around {they make me happy} but nothing that looks as classy as this. This makes a statement in a stunning way, I think.

This idea said it was for a bedroom, but I would so totally do this in a living room or even foyer or entryway. Love the pop of orange with the blankets and how the pillows are on top of them.....

I could totally see myself doing this photo wall and bench in my forever home. ( once we get one!!)
Makeover For Mom traditional living room

This whole rooms screams me!
Shoshana contemporary living room

Look at how great this wall is....all black and white potos in a black frame complimented by a "pop" of color with the brown leaves....**sigh**  I think I'm in loveee.
 Home office inspiration contemporary home office

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